Design & Deployment methodology

Design & Deployment methodology is a design method for developing services.

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In order to comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information. All information presented here is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC).

Understanding the problem

The Design & Deployment methodology was one of my first tasks at HNZC. The service design and the human-centered design processes were new to the corporation and there was a need to familiarize internal stakeholders with the design way of working. This initiative was taken by myself and another colleague.

Defining the scope

After talking to internal stakeholder and other members of the design team we decided to create and establish a human-centered design methodology taking into consideration our products, services and team culture.

The methodology aimed to provide an overview of the service design process referencing activities and tools that could be used in different phases of a project. However, the methodology was not a definitive list of tools nor a rigid protocol to be followed unthinkingly. The methodology could and should be adapted to the task at hand.

Exploring potential solutions

We did an internal assessment to understand the current design and deployment protocol. Then, we researched a series of service design methods and tools in order to select the most relevant processes and tools for our context.

Once we had a draft of the proposed process we presented it to the wider team for feedback. After a couple of iterations we tested the new process in a project led by another colleague.

The overall feedback was good. The method had a good mix of tools and activities. Some tools worked best at ‘big picture’ thinking while other focused on specific project details. However, the team suggested to highlight the expected outputs of each phase.

Delivering final solution

The final soution was a document detailing the main phases of our design process highlighting the inputs, actions, tools and outputs of each phase. We also created a deck of cards to showcase the method and tools. The cards included a brief story about how and when to use each tool.

The deck of cards were great for groups who were working on solving a particular problem or on a planning phase of a project because it provided a high level overview of the phases and tools. On the other hand, the document provided a full description of the method.

D&D methodology outputs