Bulk invite

Improving the invite user experience.

Bulk invite

In order to comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information. All information presented here is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of SafetyCulture (SC).

Understanding the problem

TT invite user flow was limited. Customers could invite just one person per time, so they end up relying on support to invite a large number of people. This flow contradicted the product expectations as our target group was organisations with a large workforce.

First, I talked to some customers (orgs with 20+ seats) to understand their expectations when inviting people to their organisation on TT.

Then, I talked to the team responsible for managing the invite users feature on our flagship product iAuditor. I wanted to learn from them how the feature was performing and what could be improved.

Defining the scope

After talking to customers and the team responsible for managing the invite user feature on iAuditor I presented to my team the following user story.

As an training manager I want to:

  • invite multiple people at the same time

  • set password to invited people

  • add people to teams when inviting them

  • set people permissions when inviting them

  • be able to upload an user list via CSV

  • be able to perform bulk actions when inviting people (e.g. set permissions and add to teams)

  • be able to invite people via an invite link

  • be able to invite people via SSO (Single sign-on).

After a team discussion we decided that the SSO would not be part of the first release.

With the user story in mind we discussed the project goal and success indicator.

  • Goal: allow customers to invite multiple people at the same time.

  • Success indicator: increase the number of organisations with 5+ users in 20%

Exploring potential solutions

I decided to use iAuditor's framework because most of our customers were also iAuditor's customers and their were familiar with the iAuditor's invite user flow.

iAuditor add user UI
iAuditor add user UI

I started by studying iAuditor's invite flow in order to identify its pros and cons. We decided to give customers the same options including:

  • Allow people to set their own passwords: users would be sent instructions on how to set up their password on invite.

  • Set passwords for people: in this option there are 2 possibilities. Don't notify people or send people an email with password instructions.

Add user main functionalites
Add user framework

Other similar features we brought from iAuditor invite flow were upload CSV and invite link.

The main difference from the iAuditor invite experience was that TT customers had to deal with a large number of invitees. My main challange was to build an UI that worked well when inviting 1 or 50 users at the same time. In terms of interactions, the UI should allow copy and paste, and perform single and bulk actions.


After exploring different templates and interactions I decided to test two prototypes using usertesting.com. I ran 5 tests per prototype.

User testing
User testing

The prototypes aimed to test:

  • inviting multiple people at the same time

  • performing single and bulk actions

  • setting permissions to people when inviting them

  • adding people to teams when inviting them.

Both prototypes had similar results. All participants were able to complete the tasks. The most commom friction was on task 3, when participants were asked to add everybody to a specific team. At first, all participants tried to select the teams on the individual level. The bulk actions were not obvious. However, when they realised that they could do the same action in bulk they appreciated the practicality of the feature.

Based on the user testing results I refined the UI making the bulk action component more prominent.

Delivering final solution

The final design allowed customers to easily invite and organise multiple people into their orgs. The new layout provided great experience idependent of the number of people been invited. It also delivered a unified experience across different screen sizes because of its responsive design.

We managed to increase the number of orgs with 5+ users in 21%. We compared the data on success indicators prior to the project launch with the data one month after the project launch.

Bulk invite output