I have been working as a Product Designer on TeamTrain since March 2018. It started as a side project and now we have a fully functional product available on Web, Android and iOS.

TeamTrain (TT) is SafetyCulture's training product. It is a video training app used to empower workers and training managers. Combined with the web platform, TeamTrain provides effortless content creation, shareability and insights to help raise safety and quality standards across an organization.

TT is for organisations with a large workforce that needs to maintain a high standard of quality and safety on their work activities. TT works best on how to activities where users can see how things are done the way they should be done.

The web/desktop platform focuses on the trainers (training administrators). Here they can invite people, create groups, create courses and assign people to courses. They can monitor their team’s progress, course completion rate and much more. The mobile platforms focus on the trainee’s experience, allowing staff to take a lesson anytime, anywhere.